Middle East and Central Asia Music Forum

Middle East and Central Asia Music Forum

  1. Friday 27th November 2015


Music Department, City University London (in conjunction with the Institute of Musical Research)

Room AG09, College Building, St John Street, London EC1V 4PB

All welcome. Admission free but advance registration requested for planning purposes. Registration details to follow in early October.

Speakers to include:

– Ruth Davis (University of Cambridge)

– Owen Wright (SOAS)

– Tamara Turner (King’s College, London)

– Rachel Beckles Willson (Royal Holloway, University of London)

– Saeid Kord Mafi (SOAS)

– Louis Brehony (King’s College, London)

  1. Friday 13th May 2016


Music Department, City University London

‘Soundspaces of the Middle East and Central Asia: Exploring the Intersection of Sound Studies and Ethnomusicology in the Middle East and Central Asia’

Speakers to include:

– Abigail Wood (University of Haifa)

– Rachel Harris (SOAS)

– Laudan Nooshin (City University London)

– Seth Ayyaz (tbc) (City University London)

– Mohsen Shahrnazdar (tbc) (Tehran Soundscapes project)

Maps and directions

The Middle East and Central Asia Music Forum has been running since 2007 and is open to researchers, students and anyone interested in the music and culture of the region. In the spirit of fostering dialogue and interdisciplinarity, we hope that the issues discussed at the forum will be of interest to a broad audience, including musicologists, ethnomusicologists and other researchers in the arts, humanities and social sciences. In addition, we welcome those working on other aspects of Middle Eastern and Central Asian culture broadly speaking (dance, visual arts, media, film, literature, etc.). The Forum convenors are Dr Laudan Nooshin (City University London) and Dr Rachel Harris (SOAS).


For more information on the events above, please contact Laudan Nooshin:l.nooshin@city.ac.uk


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